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Mission/ Vision
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"Come as you are, you won't stay as you are."

Highest Praise Church Mission is to

empower God's people spiritually,

develop them educationally, expose

them culturally, activate them

politically and strengthen them


Highest Praise Church Vision is to

present a clear message of the Gospel;

to provide an atmosphere for Worship

and to prepare believers to be actively

involved in evangelization and ministry

through spiritual development and


Most people can see, but have no


When God's people get a Vision, now

they are ready for the Mission that

will take them to their destiny.

What We Believe

Highest Praise Church is an autonomous church made up of believers in Jesus Christ.

Highest Praise Church believes that all people are on a spiritual journey seeking God and our church welcomes everyone on that spiritual journey.

Highest Praise Church believes that the way, the truth, and the life is found in Jesus Christ.

Highest Praise Church believes the Holy Bible is God's word given as instructions for life today and life eternally.

Highest Praise Church believes through our faith and beliefs we seek to understand more about God by studying His word.

Highest Praise Church believes in speaking boldly for Jesus Christ

"We Love God, and we Love God's people!"